Standard Life Investments

Investment solutions

We understand that your organisation has its own specific investment objectives. Over the years, we have built capabilities across a wide range of asset classes. As a result, we can provide either individual components or all-encompassing solutions that can help meet your long-term return requirements within a risk-controlled framework.

A choice of investment approaches

Depending on your requirements, we offer a variety of increasingly strategic investment approaches, from individual pooled products to complete outsourcing of all investment decisions.

  1. We provide a comprehensive range of pooled products across fixed income, equities, multi-asset, absolute return, real estate, liquidity and private equity. In particular, we have strategies with capital efficient and diversification properties that make them ideally suited for insurance companies. We have detailed some of these strategies in the table below.
  2. Some investors prefer a more custom-made approach. In this case, we can work together to build bespoke segregated mandates tailored to individual requirements. In doing so, we can create portfolios that aim to beat either a traditional or absolute return benchmark.
  3. Increasingly, insurance companies are looking to match their future liabilities to meet their long-term cash flow needs. We have significant experience managing a range of liability-aware mandates for existing insurance clients and can leverage this expertise with new clients.
  4. Given the highly complex and technical nature of new global insurance regulations, some insurance companies may wish to outsource their investment function. In this case, we can discuss moving towards fiduciary responsibility, making investment decisions on behalf of clients in line with agreed and well-defined parameters.
Strategy Overview
Global Credit We manage a range of global credit mandates, including sterling, euro and dollar portfolios, as well as emerging market credit.
High Yield Bonds We offer a range of high yield strategies for investors.
Total Return Credit We aim to provide a compelling total return with reduced volatility over the economic cycle.
Emerging Market Debt We offer access to this rapidly growing asset class through hard currency, local currency and corporate bond strategies.
Enhanced-Diversification Growth This cost-effective strategy aims to provide equity-type returns over a market cycle but with two-thirds of the volatility of global equities.
Global Absolute Return Strategies (GARS) We target cash +5% each year (gross of fees) over rolling three-year periods.
Absolute Return Global Bond Strategies We target cash +3% each year (gross of fees) over rolling three-year periods.
CRE Lending Our commercial real estate lending strategy seeks to provide a reliable source of income with limited capital risk.
Infrastructure debt Infrastructure debt can be used to match assets within a liability matching strategy.
Equities We manage a range of core, income and unconstrained mandates across global, regional and emerging markets.


Standard Life Investments has the capability to produce Standard Formula Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR) results for a range of our strategies.

If you are an insurance provider and would like to view the results, please send an email to the following address: