Standard Life Investments



Choosing a combination of investments that aim to deliver long-term returns at a specified level of risk can be complex and time-consuming. We launched the MyFolio SICAV to provide a simple yet comprehensive solution.

MyFolio consists of five multi-manager portfolios ranging from lower risk to higher risk. Our investment process is as follows:

  • First, we determine the most efficient investment mix to help deliver the highest possible return for each risk level. To achieve this, we work closely with Moody’s Analytics, a world-leading expert in risk-modelling solutions.
  • Next, we scour the globe for the best available funds from leading asset managers. We then select what we believe to be the best combination of funds for each portfolio.
  • Finally, we ensure the portfolios are continuing to deliver the right risk and return outcomes by regularly reviewing each portfolio and rebalancing it where required.

This thorough approach takes advantage of the experience, skills and knowledge of teams across Standard Life Investments. Our aim is to make investing as quick and easy as possible, while also giving confidence that MyFolio will seek the best possible long-term returns in line with the chosen level of risk.

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