Standard Life Investments

Press Release

Sustaining Success – 16 ‘Green Stars’ for Standard Life Investments

24  September  2015

Standard Life Investments, the global investment manager and one of the largest real estate managers in Europe, has collected a total of 16 'Green Stars' in the 2015 Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) Survey.

The GRESB 'Green Star' is the top ranking for sustainability management, policy, implementation and measurement. Of the 688 worldwide participants with standing investments in this year's Survey, 56% received 'Green Stars'. Standard Life Investments' funds account for over four per cent of this cohort.

Those Standard Life Investments funds that included development activity in the reporting period received a separate score that exceeded the GRESB average score for development. Standard Life Investments' real estate assets under management submitted to the 2015 Survey, equate to one per cent of the total GRESB universe by both GAV ($2.3 trillion) and number of assets (61,000).

Commenting on this success, David Paine, Head of Real Estate, Standard Life Investments, said:

David  Paine

"This is a very significant achievement. Securing 16 'Green Stars' robustly reinforces our commitment to maintaining a sustainably responsible investment agenda. It demonstrates to investors that we understand and share their views of the critical importance of sustainability to the investment process, on-going asset management and long-term fund performance. We will continue to focus on improving our overall sustainability record."